Logo for a blog dedicated to information about shopping for glasses online. 
Companion logo for Glassyeyes for their online glasses deals site.
Barn Box is a CNC'ed plywood constructed cargo box for vehicles. 
Hawkins specializes in garage and other roll-down overhead doors. 
Logo, app icon, and software icons for a sketch based game called Doodle Duels
Identity for a blogger who writes about urban planning. 
Undies Drawer is a blog dedicated to men's underwear.
Cygnus Studio is a web design firm that specialized in small website redesigns. Turning 'ugly ducklings' into swans. 
GreedyTV was a political action group dedicated to reducing the amount media money spent by political campaigns.
Logo for internal survey promotion. 
TrueAccess was an early pioneer in single sign-on authentication systems for hospitals.
Logo and props for Ralph Naders "protest" political run.
Corporate logo for a company specializing on rustic pine log home construction products. 
Product logo for pine log railing system.

Team Logo

Logo for a marketing service

Icons for the Seattle region.

Illustrations for a data warehouse software brochure

Branding, product naming, and navigation icons for custom photographer's web content management system. 

Icon set for an agriculture mobile app

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